Free as a Bird

Even though the snow continues to fall at my house, the birds know that Spring is here.  As I watch them out the window, they seem oblivious to the cold, snowy weather that is keeping me from wanting to be outside.

Whenever I observe birds, the first thing that comes to mind is “freedom”.  To be able to not only walk on the land, swim in the water, but also fly in the sky seems the essence of freedom to me.  In Hindu mythology, birds often symbolize the soul and the form that it takes during reincarnation – when the soul is freed from one physical body and transferred into another.


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Knitting as Meditation

As I sat here knitting last night, I noticed my breathing begin to slow and deepen, as my mind gave its complete attention to the repetitive sound and motion of knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, purl.


I eventually felt my body begin to relax  as my mind focused on this one task.  Because of the focus that I need in order to knit without making a mistake, my mind began to quieten and give its full attention to the task at hand.  And then it came to me – I was using knitting as a form of meditation.

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5 Benefits of Bumblebee Breath

As I watch my sunflower seeds slowly begin to grow, I have visions of the bumblebees that usually greet me in the garden on a warm Spring day.  As they buzz around me, it’s as if they’re thanking me for planting the flowers just for them.  With thoughts of bees buzzing in my head, it seems only appropriate to share with you the technique and benefits of a wonderful breath called Bhramari Pranayama (translated as “bumblebee breath”).


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