What is Yoga Fiction?

Adding a Fiction category to my recommended list of Yoga Books, has definitely been more challenging than I thought it would be.  The problem being that, to me, humorous anecdotes about happenings in Yoga classes, or novels with the words “Downward Dog” in the title, do not define Yoga Fiction.  It’s much more than that.

In my mind, for something to be defined as Yoga Fiction it has to change the way that we think and/or the way that we react to the world around us.  As a result, books that were read during formative times in our lives often feel like Yoga Fiction.  Or maybe the category should be called Yogic (rather than Yoga) Fiction?

girl reading

In any case, I’ve added some fiction resources to my list of recommended Yoga Books.  They resonate with me, but I’d be interested to hear what other novels you would include in this list.  As always, I welcome your thoughts.

We Are All One Organism


I had to Reblog this post because it speaks to my belief that we are all one, and not separate entities. This quote from Lulu Miller, the co-host of Invisibilia @NPRinvisibilia, really resonated with me – “Whether you want to or not, all day long, you are engaged in a kind of synchronized dance with the people you come into contact with”.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

Originally posted on Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean:

we are all one

When Ramana Maharshi said, “There are no others,” he was expressing the essence of nonduality. Today scientists are exploring the boundaries between Self and Others and unsurprisingly, they are finding the all wondrous ways in which we are not separate.

This interconnectedness was explored recently in an episode of NPR’s Invisibilia. The show looked at the many ways in which our lives — and our very being — are entangled, like two atoms separated by a large distance, but still intimately affected by the other.

One way in which we are connected with others is the way we act and feel. Many people walk around thinking that their actions and emotions arise entirely from within — from somewhere in the brain, caused by a series of physiological events. But the truth is we are like giant radio receivers, picking up the signals put out by others and imitating them.


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The Magic of Mudras

I think mudras are magic because they are able to produce, enhance, balance and/or “seal-in” a particular type of energy in the body.  Mudra is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as “sign”, “gesture” or “seal”.  Mudras are signs or gestures that can be made with various parts of the body, but the most common are the hand mudras.

In Yoga we often come into a hand mudra during meditation.  Some asanas (Yoga poses) lend themselves to the addition of a hand mudra, particularly if we are trying to incorporate energy work into our practice.  Simply put, mudras can be seen as another awesome thing that we can add to our Yoga toolbox.  One of my favorite mudras is Anjali mudra (pictured below), which I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with.  We’ll discuss this beautiful mudra in another post soon.

Do you have favorite mudras that you like to incorporate into your practice?

anjali mudra