Om Namah Shivaya Gurave

Another commonly heard Sanskrit phrase that you may have heard during Yoga class, and if not then probably in music being played during Yoga practice, is “Om namah shivaya gurave” or sometimes just “Om namah shivaya”.  I’m going to give you a few different translations of this Sanskrit phrase, so that you can understand the meaning and maybe create a translation that makes the most sense to you.  So, the translations that I like the most are firstly, “I bow to the goodness within myself, known as Lord Shiva, who is the true teacher”.  I think this translation is necessary because it gives meaning to the word “Shivaya”, which literally refers to Lord Shiva who in Hinduism is the Supreme God.  The other translations that I like are, ” I offer myself to the one true teacher within and without”, and also “I bow to the goodness within myself, the true teacher”.  Both of these do not specifically refer to Lord Shiva, but will maybe feel more appropriate for some of you.


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