Beautiful music

While looking for new music to play for some Yoga classes that I will soon be teaching, I came across the beautiful voice and music of Donna De Lory.  I just purchased one of her older albums called The Lover & the Beloved and I love every song.  The songs all revolve around a variety of mantras, including “Ganapati Om”, “Om Namah Shivaya” and “He Ma Durga”.  The CD actually gives some Sanskrit translation and incite into each of the mantras which is really interesting, and the beautifully chanted mantras are combined with her music to produce a very spiritual yet contemporary feeling album.  Donna used to be a backup singer for Madonna, which gives her some street-cred I guess!  She released a new album in March this year, called Sanctuary which seems to be getting great reviews, so I guess that will be my next purchase.


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