Spring has sprung

We all know that during the Winter months living things become dormant or inactive, and the human body and mind are not immune to this.  With the arrival of Spring there are a number of Yogic techniques that we can use to help awaken ourselves for the new season.  Our liver, which processes and protects us from toxins, becomes sluggish during the Winter months and Ayurveda practitioners tell us that we need to cleanse the liver in Spring.  Any asana that incorporates twists has the benefit of cleansing the liver, and could be included in a Yoga class to awaken the body for Spring.  The third chakra, or Manipurna chakra, is located at the navel and is said to be our center of personal power, life force and vitality.  Poses and visualization meditation that work on balancing and unblocking this chakra could also be included in any Spring awakening Yoga class.  Suitable poses would include any asanas that work on the core and also back bends.  We could also include hip-openers for this type of class because the hips are the part of our body that literally allows us to move forward when we increase our activity as the days become longer and nicer in the Spring.  So, if you attend a class that incorporates some or all of these things your Yoga teacher is probably just trying to help you embrace the new season, because in the Northern hemisphere Spring has officially sprung!


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