Find your guru

I’m often asked by students “How do I find my guru?”.  This is a great question and, as I mentioned in a previous post, the common belief is that your guru will actually find you.  But, I believe there are steps that you can take to encourage a “meeting” with your guru or spiritual guide.  Yoga philosophy (particularly the yamas and niyamas) will provide you with the tools to work on purifying your body and mind.  The more that you do this, your mindfulness increases, and you will become aware that you are being guided through life.  A small number of people actually meet their guru in a physical form, but I think they are in the minority.  It’s not necessary to actually find or meet them in their physical form to be able to receive their guidance.  I believe that this guidance is akin to the feeling that we get when we are directed toward a particular path, and we’re not always sure why.  So, even if you don’t physically meet your guru in this lifetime, you may still be able to sense that they are there guiding you, and maybe that is enough.  Most importantly – whether you follow their advice or not, just remember to open your mind and listen.


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