Salute to the Sun

If you’ve ever been to a Yoga class taught in the Vinyasa style, you’ve probably experienced the beautiful flowing sequence called Surya Namaskar.  The awesome image below, from the Alva Yoga website, is one version of Surya Namaskar.  Surya translates from Sanskrit to English as “Sun” and Namaskar translates as “salutation”.  There are a lot of variations of this sequence, but I think the most important thing is the energy that it creates when it is practiced with intention.

To practice a true “Salute to the Sun”, flow through your version of the sequence, close your eyes and visualize the beautiful glow of energy created by the Sun.  Let it warm you from the inside out, increase your gratitude for life and remind you of the connection that you have to something much larger than your individual self – the Divine, the planet Earth, and, of course, the Sun!

Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation - by Alva Yoga


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