What is the Third Eye?

Have you ever been in a Yoga class where a teacher asks you to bring your focus and inner gaze to your Third Eye?  Have you ever thought to yourself, what exactly is my Third Eye and why do I want to focus on it?  If so, then you’re not alone.

Most of us think of our Third Eye as simply the space between the eyebrows, but in Yoga this is actually the space that is occupied by the Ajna Chakra.  As with all Chakras, the Ajna is in an area where a lot of nerves meet, making it a center that transmits and receives a great deal of energy.  The word Ajna can be translated as “perception” and when this energy center is blocked or unbalanced we can experience confusion, headaches, eye problems and an inability to focus.  Conversely, when this Chakra is balanced and unblocked we feel clear and calm, are much more perceptive, and may even be able to tap into some of our psychic abilities.

So, when a Yoga teacher asks you to focus on your Third Eye they are really instructing you to direct energy to that area of the body, so that you can reap some of the benefits of a balanced and unblocked Chakra.  Your teacher may talk you through a visualization that will help energize the Chakra or you can use this simple technique.

  • With your eyes closed, bring your gaze up to your Third Eye.
  • Imagine a ball of energy between your eyebrows, at the top of your nose.
  • Give it a color (the color of the Ajna Chakra is said to be purple or indigo, but feel free to use whatever color feels right).
  • As you inhale imagine the ball of energy rotating in a clockwise direction.
  • As you exhale imagine the ball of energy glowing – like the coals of a fire when they are breathed on.
  • Continue with this visualization for as long as feels comfortable.

Trataka meditation can also help energize and balance the Ajna Chakra, and any asana that involves balance is also helpful.

I had to include this awesome Comic by Maria Scrivan .  I’m pretty sure laughter is good for balancing and unblocking Chakras too. 🙂

something in my third eye


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