Free as a Bird

Even though the snow continues to fall at my house, the birds know that Spring is here.  As I watch them out the window, they seem oblivious to the cold, snowy weather that is keeping me from wanting to be outside.

Whenever I observe birds, the first thing that comes to mind is “freedom”.  To be able to not only walk on the land, swim in the water, but also fly in the sky seems the essence of freedom to me.  In Hindu mythology, birds often symbolize the soul and the form that it takes during reincarnation – when the soul is freed from one physical body and transferred into another.


There are numerous Yoga poses named after birds.  Obviously, some of the poses have been named after birds because they physically resemble them, but maybe it is more than that.

Maybe the essence of the pose is also linked to freedom in some way.  If we can attain a feeling of freedom in each of these “bird” poses – freedom from grasping, freedom from judgement, freedom from fear, freedom from distraction – then maybe we can take our practice to another level.



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